Dedicated to our Friends

Going back in time, we find we are lucky to have such great friends. Here we show them, spending time with us.

Andy Milia and Michel

Tribulet at our Wedding 1998

Scott & Anne McKenzie Wedding

Peggy & David Spangenberg in Japan

Daniel & Liz at Haloween Party in Paris

Mike & Kim at the Getty

Nancy & Andy before we left for Paris

David and Fabien before we left for Paris

40th Birthday: Dorrie, Denise, Kim

Cal & Deborah Harley, Mike

Mike, Jim Hall, Cal Harley

Julie Hall & Jackson

Renata Rehhausser,Sue birthday twin

Jim Hall & Friends @ Spago

At Polish Restaurant with Gosia and Krys

Anne & Claire in V&A Museum

At Clan Gathering, Mike with the Elders

Kim at Stonehenge

Walter & friends in Ravena

Harleys, Spangenbergs & Sue at Lake Alpine

At Clan Gathering,In Scotland,Mike & Kim

Mary, after her "usual"

In Zermatt with Mike

Dorrie in Bunny Suit at Intel

David relaxing at Camp

Delphine & Krys on Halloween

Sue & Dorrie on Birthday in Monte Carlo

Sue in Nancy&Rich Sarro Wedding

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