Fluffy's Friends

Over time, Fluffy has seen to it that his emissaries have gone to live with many of our family's and friends' children.
Sometimes they just hang out with loving adults. Here is a sample.

Guillaume and Lucy Lubais

Guillaume with Medium Fluffy

Giacomo Milia

Gosia Kruczkowska

Kimberly and Jessica Sarro

Erica Milia

Sophia & Xander Otewalt

Michael & Sarah Walz

Jackson Hall

Ayden Hall

Donovan Hall

Mitesh Shah

Natalie Posada

Natalie Posada & Mom

Jacob Posada

Claire & Cole Jensen

Thomas Lubais

Paul Lubais

Thomas & Paul & 2 Fluffies

Michael Swiecka (Pruszki, Poland)

Martin Pollack

Sue with Jianna Pollack

"Norma's kids"

Paul Lubais in Fluffy Shirt

Martin Pollack


Thomas & Andre Lefol

Aiden & Mateo Sullivan with Poopsie

The Quartier children

And Mom: Paris, France

Marissa Leong

Cousin Linda Barbito

Joey Jules Krajewski

Victoria & Justin McAlister

Their cousins Millie McAlister

and... Amelia McAlister

Christopher Huang

Michael Huang

Alexandre & Louis Lefevre

Their room with Fluffies

Anita Kryszak & godmom Evelina

Nicole and Megan Orsak

Kyle Krajewski

Lucie Lubais in costume

Uncle Frank, Aunt June

Liz Esterly

Judy Lee


Julie Asher

Emily Asher

Clara McKenzie

CJ Venhorst

Fluffy Training them up before sending them out

With the real Fluffy

Fabien Lubais

Dorrie Walz


OK, which is real?

In Memoriam....Some of our favorite dogs




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