The Bells of Pruszki-Wielkie

There is a church in the small village of Pruszki-Wielkie, in the Puchaly parish of the diocese of Lomza, Poland. The church land was donated by Marianna Krajewska Czarnowski. In 2000, when Sue and Fabien visited the parish looking for family records, the priest, Father Adam, told them that the church needed bells. In 2001, Sue, Fabien and cousin Dolores Walz went back to Pruszki-Wielkie to see the bells hanging ceremony. A mass was said which included a blessing of the bells. The inscriptions on the bells read:

Donated by
Susan Krajewska-Markowska and Fabien Lubais
Palo Alto California USA

They were hung the old fashioned way, with people power: the men carried them up the stairs on their backs and mounted them.  Fabien was given the honor to be the first to pull the ropes, and when the two bells rang for the first time, the cows in the fields looked up and seemed amazed.

Kazimierz Czarnowski
The whole village turned out... on a Tuesday morning.

Starting third from the left are Kazimierz Czarnowski, his son Marius and his wife Malgorzata. Next are Alicja Kruszewska, Fabien, Sue, Father Adam and Dolores. Kazimierz, Alicja are second cousins to each other as well as to Sue and Dolores. They all share the same great grandparents: Konstanty Krajewski and Alexandra Swietkowska Krajewska.